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A Tisket A Tasket, Think Picnic Baskets

1a5e69e53001025097fd388cf12e6441Ahhhhh….the glorious days of summer. Ours begins today! And, among the many things on our “summer list” is going on a picnic. The food can be simple, homemade or store bought, but the basket…that’s the important thing. Yes, you can use a cooler, but a basket just evokes a certain image that I’m going for.

I picked up a vintage one from France at Trade Secrets that said it was for “champagne”, but it’ll work just as well for sandwiches and cookies.2c885cc7e92b7e2bdca57ee59b3eb664Not only, is a picnic basket a great item to have in your summer arsenal, but I think it would make one of the sweetest hostess gifts. Add some of these items to make it a little more personalized:

Mason jars with lids for drinks or salads

Cloth napkins

Colored/striped straws

Eucalyptus bug repellent

Individually packaged hand wipes

A kite or game to play7f5db2444a7ba982ad5f9cb81bd671ae Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.42.34 PM95d32a9c-89ce-495c-b7de-12eb11d1f7d0 87438cdad007ecc479f4a0a10027fceb e6431b93-4c40-4a8a-9f1b-659d04f86f1804768ddd609de00614bfbb533d93610aSo, find a basket that you love and keep it stashed with the basics. Then, the next time the weather is ideal and you need an “activity”, pack up a picnic and hit the road, or the beach, or the park.


images: Style Me Pretty, Camille Styles, Williams Sonoma, Oh Louise Designs