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Celebrating with Friends & Tulips

Where did the time go?!? As of this past weekend, I’ve been penning this blog for 5 years! Yet, it feels like just days ago that I felt the urge to join this online community and came up with the name, Pretty Pink Tulips.

What a privilege it has been to share my thoughts with you on how to live, give and entertain with style and grace. We all have a different version of what that means to us, so I’ve learned as much from your comments and feedback as you may have learned from me.

One of the most incredible aspects about blogging is the connections that you get to make with like-minded people who may live thousands of miles away. Some of those people, I’ve actually met in real life and am now fortunate to count as friends.

I’ve invited some of those people to celebrate this week with me by sharing their own photos of tulips, pink or otherwise. 

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Ted Kennedy Watson, proprietor and owner of the most amazing gift shops, Watson Kennedy, located in Seattle, WA! In addition to being honored with the National Retail Excellence Award for Visual Merchandising, Ted recently had his first book, Style & Simplicity, published and is currently working on his second book! 

His blog and instagram pages are a constant source of inspiration and beauty. Among many of the things we share a love for are Veuve Clicquot and tulips! Here are Ted’s tulip images he has shared for my celebration! Thank you, Ted!!!

Another friend who resides in Seattle (what is in the water there?!?), is my talented artist/illustrator friend, Jeanne McKay Hartmann, who pens the darling blog, I Dream Of! Jeanne left a career in fashion to pursue her dreams of being an artist full time and what a great move that has been! Jeanne’s style is beyond pretty….it captures movement and emotion…and brings things to life! Her art is….happy!

This year, Jeanne embarked upon a goal of illustrating something every day on her amazing instagram page and thus far she is on Illustration #98! Not only has it been inspiring to watch her stick with it, but it’s such a fun part of the day to see what might have caught her eye and thus found it’s way onto paper.

Below are some of Jeanne’s images….both photographs and illustrations! Thank you, Jeanne, for all the joy you create with your generosity and talent!!!!

Back on the East Coast, one of my all time favorite magazine editors, Stacy Kunstel, of New England Home magazine, along with her partner & photographer, Michael Partineo, have been building their business, Dunes & Duchess
When they first started out, they had a single product, a wildly romantic 4-arm candelabra in these great lacquered colors with names like No Scurvy Lemon and Commodore of the Yacht Club Blue. Now, they have an extended line of products from lamps to tables to chairs to sconces and their style is instantly recognizable! 
Here is the original Dunes and Duchess with yellow tulips from Stacy, as photographed by Michael! 
Stacy and Michael are inspiring to me for taking a leap and then making it look easy! Thank you, Stacy for your continued support and encouragement!!!
The party will continue….so tune in Wednesday to see who else is sending tulips my way!

images: Ted Kennedy Watson, Jeanne McKay Hartmann, Stacy Kunstel, photograph by Michael Partenio