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New Year, One Word

Happy New Year! You’ve had a few days to settle into 2014, so how is it going? Focused on this year’s goals? I’ve been away for nearly 2 weeks, spending that time with my husband’s family. The first week was at our house, where I find it hard to blog when my “office” is in the middle of the house, where everyone hangs out. The second week, we were away in Mexico, where I thought I’d give my self a “real break”.  Funny thing is… rained. Every. Day. The photo below was taken by my husband and we have laughed that it kind of sums up our trip. Mr. Rubber Ducky floating in the pool with unnecessary sunglasses on. When it rains on vacation, you have no choice to laugh. And to read.

I picked up The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in the airport gift shop before we took off. I had seen it before and dismissed it because I thought, “well, I’m happy enough”. But, for some reason, it seemed to grab me. Have you read it? The author takes a year long journey, beginning in January, focusing on one area a month…to see if she can change things in her life to make her happier. I found quite a few little gems inside.

As a precursor to a new year, I liked seeing how someone else approached their goals and what those goals were. Many fell into the category of typical resolutions. Clear the clutter, make healthier food choices, act the way you want to feel and exercise. But, there were deeper conclusions, too.
I also began hearing about a one word resolution. Some good examples were “Present”, as in to be more present each day. Or “Gratitude”, meaning the person would like to focus each day on all that they already had. I began to think that a one word resolution might be a great way for me to go this year. Like a personal mantra. And this is what I chose.

Lighten up: don’t take things too seriously
Be a light: be the kind of person people are drawn toward
Feel lighter: make those better food choices & exercise most days
Light hearted: have a full and grateful heart
Tread lightly: everyone’s dealing with something, go easy on them
Go toward light: focus on what fills you up, not what brings you down

Speaking of light….the sun finally came out on the day we came home. 

What are you focusing on in 2014? In just one word? The year is full of possibilities, so let’s take this journey together. I’ll help light the way!