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Stationery With A Crowning Touch – Dempsey and Carroll

I know this may shock you…but I’ve taken a break from monograms! I still love them, but the creative team at Dempsey & Carroll has created such amazing motifs for their stationery that it seems…enough. Monogram not necessary.

My personal favorite is the crown motif. Maybe it’s Queen Elizabeth. Or Harry’s recent royal romp, but I can’t get enough of this symbol.

Another thing that I can’t get enough of is colored pens. I love to coordinate my ink color to the envelope liners, which thankfully come in a rainbow of shades in each box. 

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Le Pen brand pens (and I have some on order), but I have to praise my Stabilo pens. Fine point, great colors!

Dempsey & Carroll is having a fantastic sale on many of their motif sets, so be sure and check it out and stock up for gifts!

What are you favoring these days? Black ink or colored? Monograms or motifs?