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The Pillow Bar – Sweetest Dreams

Who doesn’t love or desperately want a good night’s sleep? I know I do and in my search to improve my zzzzzzzzzzs, I stumbled upon The Pillow Bar, based in my hometown of Dallas.

Side sleeper? Back sleeper? They have the pillow for you. Actually, they MAKE the pillow just for YOU! Based upon your height and size and preferred sleep style, they will customize a pillow, include a lavender sachet (if you choose) and embroider a saying, name or initials on the pillow cover and send to you within 72 hours.

Filled with European Down and none of those pesky, pointy feathers you find in some “down pillows”, these pillows deliver! I know because I’ve been sleeping on mine!

These pillows are the things peaceful dreams are made of!! Here are some of the clever combinations that customers have ordered.

Sweet dreams!!!