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Travel to Great Britain: Blenheim, Oxford & Windsor

Of all the things we did on our trip to London, one of the most satisfying was a day trip out to the Cotswolds to see Blenheim Palace, Oxford and then Windsor Castle. We could not have done all 3 in one day without an excellent guide. He was the same one who toured us through London, making sure that we got a front row view of the changing of the guards. I’ll share his contact info at the end of the post.

In the meantime, enjoy the views. First up, Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Winston Churchill), which was fun for us because our King Charles Cavalier, Molly, is a “Blenheim”. The gardens and grounds are spectacular and were created by the renown landscape designer, “Capability” Brown.

I am lucky to have at least one son who loves having his picture taken. My 8 year old, Ty.
Next up was the famed town with over 30 colleges that comprise Oxford. The town is quaint and full of literary nuances….Lewis Carroll (the pen name for Charles Dodgson) was inspired by the daughter of Dean Liddell, of Christ Church, Oxford. Her name was Alice and you know the story as, Alice in Wonderland. We also toured the Great Hall, which is still used for dining by students…and was replicated as the dining hall at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. 

Finally, we were off to Windsor, which feels so appropriate given that the newest Windsor is set to arrive in just a few weeks. The Royal Standard was flying, which means that the Queen was there. She grew up at the castle and was known as Lilibet by her grandfather, King George V. We were told it is here that she enjoys being the most and that she sees Buckingham Palace as her “work residence”.

If you are headed to London, I definitely recommend this day trip. And, for those of you who would like the name of my guide and how to reach him, here you go! He was FANTASTIC!!

Bryan Gorin
0208 302 2348

Now, I’m already thinking about a taking another family trip in 2014…to Florence and Rome. Anyone have any suggestions?