Bernard Maisner Home Collection

bernard-butterfly-duvet-298Bernard Maisner, the internationally renowned calligrapher and stationer, has an instantly recognizable style that is unparalleled. Bernard’s style, which is a combination of Spencerian and Copperplate writing, creates a luxurious tapestry of flourishes and letterforms. With the addition, in recent years, of his handpainted elements, such as butterflies, elephants and peacocks, Bernard has further woven a delicate artform of images into his work.

So, from paper to pillows….Bernard has just launched Bernard Maisner Home Collection with Gracious Home in New York City. The calligraphic and artistic imagery of Bernard’s stationery line is being “taken off the page” and has been artistically translated into fine embroidery.

The line is such that it can stand alone or be combined with your favorite linens, allowing you to create a custom work of art for your bed! GiftBoxFldrWp.pdf

img_5026-copy bernard-elephant-duvet-267flourish-duvet-323img_5036-copybernard-peacock-duvet-221-croppedAs Bernard explains, “Thread becomes my ink, and linen my paper.” Now, there is a way to literally be wrapped in the artistry of a master.

 Sweet dreams!


Serena and Lily’s Newest Outpost – Westport

IMG_9326Recently, I had a chance to walk through the new Serena and Lily in Westport, CT.

It was as if the catalog had come to life…only better! The store is one of only a small handful in the country and has a charming location in an old home. Each floor (living, bedroom, children, outdoor) has a different feel and flavor, but shares the same feeling that a talented interior designer had put a room together. Original artwork dot the walls and the stairwells. You can’t help but want to look closer.

The folks at Serena and Lily didn’t ask me to come by, nor did they know that I was writing this…so, lest you think this is a sponsored post, it isn’t. I just wanted to share an inside look at an inspiring shop. If you’re in Westport, you should definitely pop in and take a look!IMG_9324IMG_9325IMG_9328IMG_9330IMG_9332IMG_9333IMG_9334IMG_9336IMG_9337IMG_9339IMG_9340IMG_9342IMG_9343IMG_9344IMG_9345IMG_9346IMG_9347See anything you like? I know I did….and it’s on my kitchen table now!


Snuggle Up – Perfect Linens

unspecified-1Bed…glorious bed.

This time of year, I find it a little harder to get out of bed. And, I find because darkness falls before dinnertime, I want to climb back into it earlier. This is the hibernation season, after all. unspecifiedA few months back, I was asked to test out some sheets by Perfect Linens, a company changing the way we can shop for bed linens. All of their products are put through a series of washing tests, so that they can tell you how the sheets will “feel” over time, not just the first time you put them on your bed.

I tried out their Second Skin line and they have just softened and softened with each wash. Fabulous sheets don’t need to cost a small fortune, so if you’re thinking of updating your linen closet, definitely give these a look.

As an added incentive, they are giving my readers a $35 discount on their order of $100 or more, just use code Tulips35.unspecified-2 unspecified-3They say it starts the day off right to make your bed. Just think how excited you’ll be to hop back into it if you know what’s waiting for you!

Sweet and soft dreams!