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PPT x Bespoke Designs Stationery

My first job in high school, beyond the standard babysitting gig, was at Megan’s Hallmark in Dallas, TX. Surrounded by greeting cards and seasonal gifts, it was a cheery place to work after school and I loved it! My job mainly entailed returning the misaligned cards and envelopes to their rightful positions and making sure there were envelopes that matched the cards. Don’t you hate when you find a card only to have to go fishing for an envelope that it fits in?! I ran the vacuum cleaner and the cash register – back when you actually handled cash and had to make change.

My 15 year old self would have been stunned to know she would one day have her own bespoke stationery set for sale. And, her mind really would have been blown to learn that it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill set with a plastic cover, but luxe, letterpress, edge painted notecards with coordinating envelopes that were based on photographs of her tulips. Whaaaat?!

Thanks to a shared love of pink and beautiful paper, I connected with Shari Lebowitz, owner of Bespoke Designs. Together, we have created a stunning set of 10 notecards representing 5 different types of tulips. The letterpress tulips are exquisite and are printed in my signature pink. The heavy card stock has its edges painted green, as a nod to the leaves and stems. And, be careful how you open them because the liner is not to be missed! As a final flourish, the set is tied with the prettiest tulip ribbon and coordinating tag. It’s as bespoke as bespoke can get!

Why Handwritten notes matter

My love of writing began at a young age. I still have the precious little thank you notes I wrote my grandmothers and the sweet letters they wrote back to me. I have found postcards I wrote from camp and letters from friends in high school, filled with loopy teenage handwriting and emojis before there were emojis!

I have boxes and boxes filled with notes from friends and family, spanning decades. The stories of my life.

That’s why I believe that a handwritten note is so special. Someone will likely save it. They may put it on their bulletin board or on their desk or use it as a bookmark. But, when you put a heartfelt sentiment – no matter how brief – onto a beautiful notecard, you have created an instant heirloom. A piece of history, marking a moment (and feelings) in time.

I would be honored if my notecards became a souvenir of someone’s life. A cherished memory they want to save, to admire and remind them that someone thought of them.

Shari Lebowitz of Bespoke Designs
Elizabeth in her garden with the pretty pink tulips