Bernard Maisner Home Collection

bernard-butterfly-duvet-298Bernard Maisner, the internationally renowned calligrapher and stationer, has an instantly recognizable style that is unparalleled. Bernard’s style, which is a combination of Spencerian and Copperplate writing, creates a luxurious tapestry of flourishes and letterforms. With the addition, in recent years, of his handpainted elements, such as butterflies, elephants and peacocks, Bernard has further woven a delicate artform of images into his work.

So, from paper to pillows….Bernard has just launched Bernard Maisner Home Collection with Gracious Home in New York City. The calligraphic and artistic imagery of Bernard’s stationery line is being “taken off the page” and has been artistically translated into fine embroidery.

The line is such that it can stand alone or be combined with your favorite linens, allowing you to create a custom work of art for your bed! GiftBoxFldrWp.pdf

img_5026-copy bernard-elephant-duvet-267flourish-duvet-323img_5036-copybernard-peacock-duvet-221-croppedAs Bernard explains, “Thread becomes my ink, and linen my paper.” Now, there is a way to literally be wrapped in the artistry of a master.

 Sweet dreams!


A Place for Everyone

One story in the Nov/Dec issue of Traditional Home really caught my attention. It highlights the holiday traditions of Capucine and David Gooding, founders of luxury brand Juliska. You already know the table settings will be divine. But, what really caught my attention were the details that Capucine incorporates into her table settings.

Boston-based calligrapher, Pier Gustafson, created beautiful place cards for her table. One side has the person’s name, on the other a fun question, such as “Can you name all the Reindeer?” to keep the conversation moving. 

You could incorporate this idea for your Thanksgiving table with questions, such as “Stuffing or potatoes?”, “Do you prefer dark meat or white”, “What are you most thankful for?” or “Pumpkin, apple or pecan pie?”.

And, in case you think place cards are a bit stuffy, think of them as strategic seating assignments. You’re guaranteed a spot next to your favorite relative!

Here is an example of one Pier did for the children’s table.

 And, finally….I couldn’t help but notice the Gratitude banner, which the family adds to through the months of November and December. They keep track of people, places and things that they are grateful for. The best tradition of all!

If you want to have a specific place for everyone, you can handwrite the place cards yourself or if you want to take it up a notch, enlist the help of a talented calligrapher. 

Click here for Bernard Maisner
Click here for Bryn Chernoff of Paperfinger
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Places, everyone….it’s almost Thanksgiving!

images: John Bessler for Traditional Home Nov/Dec 2013

Bernard Maisner by Julia B. – An Artisan Collaboration

 “Thread becomes my ink, and linen my paper in this exciting collaboration with Julia B.” 
                                                                ~ Bernard Maisner

Linen lovers rejoice!! Just launched, this is one of the most creative partnerships I’ve ever seen.  As announced in the September issue of Vogue, Bernard Maisner, master calligrapher, has paired his talent with Julia Berger, whose couture linens are heirlooms for today!

These two luxury brands have joined forces to create a hand-made, luxury linen collection that translates art and calligraphy to a new medium! The line will have 3 components: tabletop (dinner napkins, cocktail napkins and place mats), bedding (bedsheets, coverlets, duvet covers, pillows and shams) and accessories (decorative pillows, paperweights, and a Holiday collection to include stockings and tree skirts).  
Here is one example of Bernard’s artistic note card collections.
And, here it is translated, with hand embroidery, to linen!
Another exciting design is the single letter (M in this case) flower. Can you see it? Each letter creates a unique flower design.
Wanting to take the monogram “off the page”, Bernard and Julia developed a single letter design that takes a letter, super sizes it and allows it to disappear off the linen…giving a twist on tradition.
Finally, the embroidery medium proved to be the perfect tool for Bernard’s sins and virtues! A fun conversation starter at your next cocktail party!

Having had the privilege of working with both of these talented individuals, I can attest that their work is both art and heirloom. 

What would you want them to design for you, if money were no object?!