Hop To It

Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way! 

I love taking a look back at what I’ve done in year’s past to help give me some ideas on how to dress the house for Easter. I have a “thing” for bunnies, so those will always appear. But, I love to change out the table settings and the kitchen. I’m sure no one in my house cares except me, but I think it’s fun to acknowledge the seasons and holidays with a little whimsy.

 So, with Easter just a few weeks away, I’d better hop to it!

Almost Easter

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up? Over easy? Scrambled? I’m having a current love affair with soft boiled…in the little egg cups. But, anyhooooo….I’m actually thinking more about Easter eggs.

If the idea of painting some little beauties is your speed, check out the tutorial at A Creative Mint.
Or perhaps you like elegant calligraphy….template available at Oh Happy Day!

Or, old fashioned dip dye available at Terrain.

So, how DO you like your eggs?

Good Friday Great Weekend

Preparations for a Eggs-celent weekend are under way at our house. Decorating, baking and enjoying an extra day off.

Whether you’re hunting eggs or just hunting fun….I wish you a “good” Friday and a great weekend!!