Dads and Denim

IMG_7187I don’t know about your dad, but most men I know don’t want to dress up on their “day off”, much less a day dedicated to them. Jeans (or shorts) are probably their outfit of choice on Father’s Day. So, I’m pulling some photos from the archives that would make for a quick and easy table setting for your favorite dad.

Especially fun to involve the kids with this one. If you’ve got some old jeans (the ones with holes in them that you can’t bear to toss), consider cutting of the back pockets to use for utensils and incoproate them into your table setting.

This also works well for a barbecue or 4th of July. Same color scheme, just change up your accessories.  For Father’s Day….consider tucking in a note that says, “thanks for always having a solution (or money)  in your back pocket“. Instead of tucking in a flower, tuck in tickets to a favorite sporting event.IMG_7188 IMG_7189 IMG_7194After all….it’s a day where he really can wear the pants in the family! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!


5 Amazing Experiences to Give for Father’s Day

fly fishIt’s Father’s Day on Sunday….but of course you know that.

Have you gotten Dad a new tie, some bbq tools, a cute “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug or a package of car washes? All completely decent ideas. But, how about giving the big guy an experience he’ll always remember?! Bonus points if it’s something he can share with the kids!!

Is he an angler in the making if only he had the time? Book him a fly fishing class, like the ones at Orvis.BBQ ribsPerhaps he’s already the master of the grill….but if he’d like to learn more, sign him up for a “Smokology – Smoking 101” class at the Midwest BBQ InstitutephotoOne of the most fun things we did as a family was book a family photo shoot when we were on vacation. You could also book this in your home town…especially if you’re in a major city that has great visual backdrops.

I’m a huge fan of Flytographer…they are in over 175 cities across the globe!golfMany weekend warriors would love to work on their swing, their putt or any other tweak that might give them an edge in their game. Schedule a lesson with a pro and surprise Dad. Yes, he could make the appointment, but sometimes you just need someone to give you a nudge.

travelPlanning a trip is half the fun and if your Dad is the kind who likes to research, dream and plan, give them a membership to Indagare. They’ve done the legwork and can tell you the best hotels, restaurants and sights to see. They also have an inhouse travel agency if you want a little more help. I’ve had a membership for years and use it as a basis for planning all my trips.

Memories are made through experiences, not something that sits on a shelf. Give Dad something he can look forward to!


Father Knows Best

Wishing all the dads out there a wonderful Father’s Day!!! Hope you get to do your favorite activity….be it golf, grill or nap!
images: Sugar Paper L.A., Rifle Paper Co.