Sugar Paper – So Sweet

IMG_0028Welcome to September! I am ready to get back into a routine, after a lovely summer.

My youngest son starts school this Thursday, which will be when I finally  get organized. I’ve heard a lot lately about how September is the new January…fresh start, new beginnings and all. It’s probably why you see a lot of calendars that begin in August as opposed to January. As far as I’m concerned, any time is a great time to regroup and rework your desk, your office and anything that keeps you organized.

So, it was a a great pleasure for this “paper and stationery fanatic” to visit a shop I have long lusted after from afar, during a family trip to Los Angeles. Sugar Paper, located in the Brentwood Country Mart,  was just as adorable as I had hoped.

Signature products, from notecard sets to pencils, pens and their new  journals (which can be monogrammed) were displayed with the best of other product lines, making for a visual feast.IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022I came away with a few new items, including the pink Today “to do” pad pictured above. It’s my grown up version of “back to school” supplies.

Whatever you’re planning for Fall, you might as well do it in “sweet” style!


Signed Sealed Delivered

Who knew?! April is National Letter Writing Month and I for one am happy to play along! I popped a couple of notes in the mail today. 
One was a thank you note on my favorite Sugar Paper customized notecards (hot pink envelope!) and another was a bill. But, I’ve learned it’s so unexpected and much more fun to write a little note that accompanies my payment, especially if you know the vendor.
The ever charming producer of affordable, chic stationery, May Designs, is offering 50% off their notecards through next Monday. Get ’em while you can!!! Remember to stock up for upcoming graduations and birthdays. 
Another small printer, Egg Press, is so excited to encourage you to pick up your pens, they are offering a FREE kit of 4 letterpress cards. 2 from Egg Press and 2 from Hello!Lucky. Click here to learn how you can get them. Each of the cards will have instructions on how your recipient can receive their free kit and so on and so on.

Finally, I love a great stamp. It’s like a one inch piece of art and can really set off your letter. Jimi Hendrix, whose music I honestly don’t know well, just came out…and I have to say it does look pretty cool! What else can you get for 49 cents?!

So, whether you write 1 letter this month or 30….just know that you’re sending out something positive in the world. Clip an article that someone would like (thanks, Mom!), write out a recipe, doodle something funny or wax poetic.

Sign it, seal it and get it delivered. I promise you’ll make someone’s day!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! It’s been a long week for a lot of the country with a winter that just won’t quit.  I even heard that my hometown of Dallas got a shellacking that resulted in a rare snow day there! I’m ready to settle in by a fire tonight with a glass of Veuve and watch the Olympics!

But, before I settle in, I had to share 2 of my favorite finds this week. I’ve long been a fan of Cocoa & Hearts artist, Jen Ramos…and today she debuts her own line of stationery, based upon her signature art. It’s for sale on her site, Made By Girl, beginning today. I am stocking up!!!

Next up, I am beyond excited for this eco friendly, super chic water bottle by bkr. The bottles are GLASS with a exterior wrap. There are lots of cute reusable water bottles out there and I’ve tried them, but I never liked how the water the tasted. I really like drinking out of real glass. So, this is the perfect answer! I ordered the black bottle with white heart, though they come in an array of colors without the hearts. 

You can check out the entire line as well as learn about their philanthropic philosophy and see some of their biggest fans….like Tom Brady’s wife, aka Giselle!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, relaxing weekend!