Wrap It Up

il_570xN.1151928041_1pcjI’m always on the look out for unique, pretty gift wrap….as it’s always good to have some on hand. The packaging is such an important part of any gift. It telegraphs the thoughtfulness of the present before it’s even opened. And, it can elevate the simplest of gifts.

I stumbled upon these adorable prints by A Thing Created….you can guess which is my favorite. But, I think they are all worth adding to my gift wrap station!il_570xN.908473079_kn9r il_570xN.908691928_acpjil_570xN.1217651448_gn9w il_570xN.1209266313_ipc6il_570xN.1135929394_glb3Now, I just have to find the perfect gifts and wrap them up!


Sugar Paper x Target for the Holidays


I know what you’re thinking. It’s TOO early to think about the holidays. But, I just don’t want you to miss the “about to launch” Sugar Paper for Target Holiday collection….available in stores Nov 1st. Sugar Paper is one of my all time favorite letterpress companies and with this new collaboration, they may just be my new go-to for holiday gift wrap essentials.

In my efforts to enjoy the holidays, I want to be organized and have all my tools handy. The collection will have wrapping paper, ribbons, tie-ons and even glam boxes that will only require a bow. Available in sophisticated black, jingle bell red, neon coral and beautiful blue…there is a hue for everyone.02-SugarPaper-TargetHoliday15_2048x2048 03-SugarPaper-TargetHoliday15_2048x2048

To see (and hear) more about the concepts behind what will surely be THE collection of the season, just click on the video below. There’s one particular item that you can hang on the tree, add to a package or use as a place card. Let me know if you know what I mean!!

Here’s to having the holidays all wrapped up!


Tag….You’re It!

Welcome to Friday…the end of the week and the beginning of the holiday season! Congratulations if you’ve already started your holiday shopping….soon it will be time to wrap and TAG all of your gifts!

Here’s a round up of some of my favorite holiday gift tags out there!

Watson Kennedy

So, start your shopping, next your wrapping…then, tag…you’re it! You saw that one coming, right?!
All kidding aside, I truly hope you are able to savor the holidays. Put on some music, get yourself set up in a favorite spot and then remind yourself that with each gift delivered or each card that you address, that you are reaching out and letting someone know they matter to you!
Here’s to a joyful holiday season!