Santa in Seattle

Santa doesn’t really live at the North Pole. He lives in Seattle! At least I like to think he’d be a lot like Ted Kennedy Watson, the founder, creative force and curator behind the Watson Kennedy shops in Seattle. Though I’ve not been to the shops in person (yet!), I do know Ted and if you follow along his instagram or blog, you can get a great feel for the types of products his stores carry. They are the kind of things that you want to take home to enjoy because they make life smell better, feel better, taste better and look more beautiful.

But, as this is the giving season, Watson Kennedy is also an amazing source for gift giving. Ted’s favorite gifts to give are the ones that the receiver can enjoy and use. The best candles. The best linens. The finest in food. Unique items that were scoured at a London flea market. The kind of things you really WANT to receive. And, they know how to wrap to impress.

Recently, the Seattle Times wrote an article on Ted, his shops and his gifting philosophy. Click here to read the entire article.

In order to receive items by Dec 24th, you must have your order in by Dec. 15th. You can order online or by phone 800.991.9361.

I think the most fun would be to just call and tell them about the recipient and see what they suggest. 

No pressure‚Ķbut there’s just 2 weeks before Christmas!

Zhush Up Mother’s Day

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your mother-in-law or yourself (sometimes it’s just easier, lets be honest) for a little Mother’s Day treat… friend, Sue, of The Zhush, has just the thing! From cute “quote” trays and paperweights, to dazzling jewelry, my favorite keychain, luxury monogrammed linens to these stunning Rablabs quartz platters, pictured below….the ideas are endless.

And, as if it couldn’t get any better than that….Sue is offering PPT readers 15% off through this Saturday, May 4th. Use code PPT15 at checkout! Thanks, Sue!!!

Dwell on all the gift possibilities! And, don’t just think Mother’s Day…get a jump on graduations, hostess gifts and upcoming birthdays!

images: zhush via instagram

Great Gift Ideas: Under $35

Most of keep track of our days on a handheld device, a desktop or in some cases….an old fashioned datebook. I use a combination of all of them…but I always enjoy having a pretty desk or wall calendar. Part happy decor. Part practicality. I can never seem to remember which day it is!

So, I am truly happy that Linda & Harriett has just unveiled its 2013 edition. With a postcard on the reverse side of each month, it’s the perfect reminder to drop a line to a friend, to say “congratulations” “good luck”  “Happy Birthday” or “I’m thinking about you today“!

Loving the sand shovels on the June page…and I’ve even marked my birthday for you. (wink, wink)!

 A sampling of the darling postcards you’ll get as a bonus!

And, finally….I think this makes a great holiday gift. Who doesn’t love a great calendar right before the start of a new year?! And at $34 it’s in the right price range for a lot of the folks on your list.

I’ll be highlighting great gift ideas from now through December at a variety of price ranges. My plan this year is to shop/mail early and then enjoy the spirit of the season!

How do you keep track of each day?