Celebrating Mother’s Day with Heirlooms

DSC_0350One of the keys to effortless entertaining is to use what you have. And, to use things in ways that they weren’t intended.

For this Mother’s Day, I decided to combine the beautiful, baby pink Angelique tulips in my garden (they are reminiscent of roses when they open up and smell like honey) with my great-grandmother’s crystal sherry glasses and our silver baby cups. Theses are cherished family heirlooms that seldom get “used”. I love how I can bridge generations at one table.

Here are a few other ideas on how to incorporate heirlooms into your celebration. Consider using each family member’s baby cup as a place card, either filled with flowers or candy. Bring out your grandmother’s china, crystal or silver and mix it with your every day dishes. Use baby spoons in candy dishes.

A friend of mine collects silver baby cups and ties them on her stair garland at Christmas. I think they’d be darling hung from the dining room chandelier with ribbons, too. DSC_0355DSC_0353 IMG_2412DSC_0365 DSC_0356DSC_0363 IMG_2411 IMG_2414IMG_2417 IMG_2415Hop over to my Instagram account (@prettypink2lips) to see if you won the Tulip Nouveau pillow by one of the coolest moms I know…Kerri Rosenthal!

Do you have any traditions for celebrating Mother’s Day?


Winner of the Kerri Rosenthal Tulip + Pink Tulips

unnamed-4Happy Friday! Between the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day, I’m sure you all have a busy weekend ahead!

First things first….thank you for all of you incredibly heart warming comments about your favorite memories of your moms. I was so touched to read each one of them! In a random drawing, the winner of the Citron Tiki Tulip by Kerri Rosenthal is….Michelle Lynne! Congratulations, Michelle! We’ll be in touch about shipping it to you.

Speaking of tulips, mine are just about at their peak. The weather here has NOT been great (cold, gray and rainy), but I managed to snap a few photos to give you a glimpse of how they look this week. It’s amazing how they always manage to bloom for Mother’s Day. Nature’s bouquet!DSC_0184IMG_8750 IMG_8752 IMG_8743 DSC_0187 DSC_0192Wishing all of you who are moms a wonderful weekend….I know you’ve earned it!!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


May is full of so many delightful holidays and celebrations, but none is more important than Mother’s Day! Mom doesn’t really need much, but she’d love a handwritten note and a little treat. Just to let her know you care. If you are stumped on what to do, flowers are always welcome. Bath products are a winner. And, of course, you get extra points (though she’s not really keeping score) if you give her something personalized.

But, in case you need a few ideas….here are some that I think are just great!

The new Floral Collection from Lettermade are vibrant and beautiful. A portion of the proceeds from the purple set goes to the Alzheimer’s Association, in memory of the founder’s Nonnie, who inspired the brand.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous candle? Aerin really does deliver an outstanding product that simply needs a ribbon, as the boxes are little works of art.Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.23.11 PM 040516_Category_Banner_Home_New_Arrivals_01I wrote about Farmgirl Flowers a while back, and they are doing some fun options for Mother’s Day. They will have 4 size options for their standard Mother’s Day bouquet. Below is an example of the next to largest size. They start at $45 for a smaller version.
largeburlapPeony season is upon us….so if Mom adores peony, you might want to go with this version.

peonyleftFinally, if Mom prefers plants and keeping things growing, the relaxing scent of lavender can be hers with this precious arrangement.lavendarrightAnd, don’t forget to call. Not a text, but an actual phone call unless you’re taking Mom to lunch. I wish I lived close enough to do just that. Love you, Mom!