Red, White Hot and Blue

4986cf08edb6f9353ce8e345db3aa5b7Well, the long weekend is finally here and how convenient that the 4th falls on Monday. I think by then, I’ll probably need to take a big nap! This is a BIG weekend where I live and I’m guessing it is where you do, as well. Fireworks, bbqs, boating, picnics, swimming….and a whole lot of RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Here’s just a little bit of what’s inspiring me this weekend….to make, to wear and where to lounge!5c6e59ada9611f7843e6b3fdb4229a5f ebad55b0f325578ea29f39cfe49ad67d 85649063912a41e77f2ff8ae23dfb0c9 18976a39faefa7b06fdb4e60fef357cd7c7222ae9ac660be5868ee10e1efae4d b84ff99af8e5a2f0c30e36d36701c0a7d18e7e063f3b804d0b34aff23405d66fHope you have a BLAST!!


images: MomDot, SheKnows, Carolyne Roehm, ppt

Red, White and Woo Hoo

DSC_0002Is anyone else excited about the upcoming L-O-N-G weekend?!

Even though school is still in session in the Northeast, Memorial Day Weekend makes it feel like “summer”. Beach clubs open, tennis tournaments commence and I’ll break out my new white dress. It’s also one of the times I set out all my flags to honor those we are really celebrating. Red, white and blue is a favorite color combo of mine, so I dress everything from the house and the table to the bar cart and the dog (Molly!).IMG_6567 IMG_0845 DSC_0019 DSC_0039 IMG_6569IMG_6140 IMG_6556IMG_6544IMG_6542

Here’s to the start of a great week…pool time and the long weekend are in sight! Bring out the red, white and blue. Woo hoo!


Redd Hot Rooms

Red is a hot color this week and month. Valentines Day and Chinese New Year commence within days of one another, so it seemed like the perfect time to give a nod to Red. But, then I thought what’s more glamorous than Redd, Miles Redd. He doesn’t hold back. He knows how to make a grand gesture and create drama. Sounds like Valentine’s to me!

Here, in honor of all things Red and Redd….some of Miles’ most iconic interiors.

If there’s every been a time to add a little drama and glamour to your life, it’s now! 
Make your life Redd hot!

images: Miles Redd, photographer Francesco Lagrese