Cheers to the Long Weekend

29be2ec27457271086a483d51a97ff70Cheers to the long weekend ahead!

There’s excitement in the air around here. School’s almost out, summer is around the corner, the pools are open and we all get an extra day to relax for Memorial Day. I obviously love a flag motif, so I am really lusting after these 3 dimensional, hand embroidered flag cocktail napkins from couture linen designer, Julia B.

And, now you have to have a delicious drink to go with your flag cocktail napkins, so enter the Strawberry Elderflower Champagne Cocktail. Add a couple of skewered blueberries and you’re all set!571c639a0f235ff4345cd232262ad48e52958e21I’m raising a glass (and waving a flag) to all of you! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Red White and Blue Hues

DSC_0031-1024x669Now, more than ever, I am grateful for those who serve in our military.

In digging through the archives, I’ve come across a few more photos of how we’ve celebrated Memorial Day Weekend in the past. The weather is looking a little iffy for our unofficial start to summer, but that won’t dampen my enthusiasm for all things red, white and blue.IMG_3485-1024x768 DSC_0022 IMG_6951 DSC_0012-1024x685 DSC_0019-1024x685 DSC_0039My sons are too old for me to “dress them”, but Molly is always willing to let me doll her up.

Here’s to the most patriotic hues!


Memorial Day is Near

IMG_6545-1Memorial Day Weekend is coming up (unofficial beginning of summer)! As I think about how I want to dress the house this year, I always enjoy looking back at what I’ve done before. It’s fun to change things up, so I’ll use prior years as a guide and try to give it a new twist.

So…these are from the archives.IMG_6556

IMG_6542 IMG_6568DSC_0019-1024x685IMG_6540IMG_6564Do you dress your house to fit the holidays? As one of our friends said, you could drop a foreigner in our neighborhood and they would know what holiday we’re celebrating if you look at my house.

Flags will be flying here soon!