The Party Continues

If you judge a person by the company they keep, this is a group I am definitely happy to call my friends. Today, the virtual party continues, as I celebrate the past 5 years of Pretty Pink Tulips and the amazing people it has brought into my life. Artists, writers, designers, travel aficionados and shop owners make up today’s guests.

Sandy Grodsky, of the travel blog You May Be Wandering, shared the top photo. Pink tulips in a champagne  bucket…a match made in heaven! Sandy I initally met “online”, but living fairly close to one another, we got to know each other over coffee, then lunch and many meetings thereafter, while we planned our family’s trip to Italy last summer. This was a case of the planning definitely being as much fun as the trip itself. I have happily watched her travel advisory business take off like a rocket and can not recommend her highly enough. If you are thinking, dreaming, planning a special trip, you must contact her. Seriously. Scouts honor.

Next up, is the multi-faceted, multi-talented Tina of The Enchanted Home. We’ve all had a front row seat while she built her enchanted home (a dream home by anyone’s standards), generously shared her sources for fabrics, paint colors, accessories and then parlayed that into a home accessories shop online. She went even further by inviting us inside and sharing her recipes and tips for elegant entertaining. Her love of blue and white is well documented, so I was truly touched when she put together this collage of blue and white porcelain and pink tulips. A visual feast in true Tina fashion!

The next guest is one that started in real life and then segued to the blog. My friend, Susie Orman Schnall and I used to chat on the sidelines of pre-school soccer about her idea for a book (which turned into her first novel, On Grace) and my idea for starting a blog. Susie was an early supporter and continual encourager. I am thrilled to share that not only did Susie write that book, but she’s just published her second, The Balance Project, a novel, and I! 

So, very appropriately, Susie shared the tulips she had on her desk, where she writes and you can see a copy of The Balance Project in the left corner. The book is a little bit like The Devil Wears Prada meets Lean In. It’s current, it’s relevant, it’s clever. The perfect book to pack for your summer get away….if you can wait that long!
Also at the party today, is my friend and pint-sized powerhouse of an artist, Kerri Rosenthal! I have so enjoyed watching Kerri’s art evolve and become ever more collectable. Her style is energetic and happy, able to evoke an emotion and create a “moment” in an interior. The art can stand alone, but when you see it’s impact on a design space, you really understand what makes her art so special. One of the first subject matters that Kerri painted were tulips. Today, they are strictly limited edition, so that is what she is sharing with us today. The 2015 Limited Edition Tulips
Looking back through my posts, one of the people I have written about most often is Sam Allen. I met Sam early on in his interior design career, when he had just graduated from high school! While most teenagers are stressing out over class assignments and college essays, Sam was flipping through paint decks, sorting through fabric swatches, mapping out furniture placements and doing it so well that he landed in The New York Times
Sam lives and breathes design and it’s just part of who he is. House Beautiful named him to it’s Next Wave Designers….and this wave hasn’t even crested yet. The future is bright and high-gloss and it IS Sam Allen! 
Love this photo that Sam shared. Those orange-red tulips are the perfect accent to this room he designed, reflecting his clean aesthetic with an eye for details.

The party is really just getting started, so please join me again on Friday, when I share some more of my favorite friends through this adventure known as blogging.

What are you celebrating this week? 

Champagne Bar Cart

It’s the weekend….so let’s celebrate! 
Last week, I finally dusted off my bar cart (which had become a storage unit in a closet) and decided to find it a new home. It landed in the living room and I quickly decided that it needed to be a *champagne* bar cart, fitting for it’s new pink-hued home.
Mixing old (the vintage crystal coupes found in a local thrift shop & the champagne cooler from France found at Dovecote) and the new (the monogrammed tray is from The Enchanted Home) gives the cart some interest. Add in monogrammed napkins from Madison and a couple of great vintage pieces from Eddie Ross (back when he would do pop-up shops) and it seems complete. 

Two important questions! Will you have your bubbles straight up or shall I give you a dash of St. Germain, Cassis or Chambord with that? Coupe or flute?

Here’s to the weekend!!! Pop. Clink. Fizz!

Elegant Entertaining – The Enchanted Home

Some days are just better than normal. What’s even more fun is when you know the day is going to be better than normal! Tuesday was that kind of day. 

Tina, the friendly voice behind the staggeringly popular blog, The Enchanted Home, hosted a group of Northeast blogger friends for lunch at her enchanted home. If you read her blog (and if you don’t, you should be), you know that she has spent the past 4 years lovingly and painstakingly planning every inch of this jaw-dropping home. She has the eye of a veteran interior designer, a love of all things blue and white, and the generosity of the most discerning hostess. Enchanted indeed!

Upon arrival, we were escorted to the covered patio for bellinis and crostinis (that sounds like a party right there!). Sorry, no photo of the bellini because I was enjoying it while chatting with this amazing group of women. Trust me…it was delicious!

Next, we lingered over lunch in Tina’s elegant dining room. So civilized!!!

 Bloggers are creative and thoughtful people….there were favors galore!

Chanel inspired ghosts graced these illustrated notecards from Jeanne, who flew all the way from Seattle! And, yes, she takes custom orders.

Karolyn painted these chinoiserie inspired blue and white pumpkins with our initials. Amazing and perfectly coordinated with Tina’s blue and white collection.

Carolyn and Cynthia of Diane James Home brought gilted holiday delight!
Among the amazing dishes Tina made herself was this velvety smooth autumn soup and a to-die-for chicken salad. I am SO using her recipes and styling. The addition of the green apple slices and pepitas on the salad just say FALL! You can see her prep and get the recipes for all her dishes here.
We gathered in her kitchen once lunch was over, taking it all in. The scale of the home is obviously sizable, but because of Tina’s choice of materials, each room exudes a coziness that you would not normally associate with a home of its size. 
Like a group of grown up Cinderellas, we each had to dash back into our real life’s for school pickups and work, but the joy of being together and being treated to such a magical day lingers even now.
Wherever friends gather and thought has gone into the event, amazing memories will be made. Here’s to making amazing memories of your own!
images: ppt, the enchanted home, the relished roost