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Blue & Gold Ball – 150 years

When my dear friend, Lisa, asked me to help her co-chair the largest fundraiser for our children’s school…I knew we would make a great team!

But, it wasn’t an ordinary fundraiser that year. It was the culminating celebration of the school’s 150th year. No pressure! Normally, this event had a fun costume theme – 70s night, Wild Wild West, etc. Something that got everyone involved, was fun and helped raise money for scholarships and to fund the Parents’ Association for at least 2 years.

Since this was a truly special year, we decided that it should be a really glamorous birthday party and because our school colors are blue and gold, it became….the Blue & Gold Ball!

With an amazing team of volunteers and vendors, we transformed what was normally our hockey rink into an elegant space for an auction, cocktails, a seated dinner for 500 and post-dinner dancing, with balloon drop!

When we realized our budget wasn’t going to be enough to an outside event planner…WE became the event planners! This really made us think creatively and was truly a team effort!

My last child has graduated from that school…but it will remain one of my proudest contributions to the place that helped educate both of my sons.