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Fall Entertaining

Each Fall I look forward to swapping out my every day white dishes for my Spode Woodland pattern. It enjoys a short season from September – November, but year after year I anticipate it’s appearance!

This particular table was an effort to “use what I had available”. Everything on the table was already in the house and just gathered to create a tableau that worked with these dishes. In fact, the silver lanterns spend most of the summer outside on my patio, so I like to bring them in for the colder months and recycle them in a new way.

Bringing in nature, with the lose magnolia branches and the pumpkins, gives life to the table without a formal floral arrangement. Much less expensive, but just as impactful.

To jazz things up, I introduced my collection of pink glassware, vintage salt cellars and decorative gold dishes, that were a birthday gifts from a long time friend. Your table is much more interesting when you let it tell a story. And, not just any story, but your story. Bring in favorite decorative accessories that may normally live on your coffee table or in your bookshelves. Bring in whatever flowers or branches that might be in your garden. And, vary up the colors.

If you find your table interesting, your guests will, too!