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Hola, Weekend

Hola to the weekend! Though a slightly soggy one, here in NY! I’m bringing this post out of the archives for one of my favorite “hola-days”!

Folks up here are already thinking about Cinco de Mayo (which makes this Texan very happy!), so I thought I’d replay one of my favorite sources for this celebration! I have a lot of material on the blog and I realize it’s not always easy to find things you want, so I’m trying to post seasonal favorites on the right side bar.

Tex Mex (tacos, enchiladas, guacamole) is frequently on the menu at my house, so I like these decorations for any time you want to add some zing to your table. Lula Flora, who makes the custom pinatas and the hola confetti (they also have tacos and tequila confetti) has gotten quite popular, so I think it’s too late for custom orders, but they have items that you can order straight from their etsy site.

And, for the adorable pinata cocktail napkins, reach out to Dallas shop, Madison, and see if they have them again this year. I’ll bet they do! Ph: 214.528.8118. Now, go enjoy the weekend! Ole!