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Like Rosé? Try Frosé!

07db32ec656222504e405f0551fbdd28It’s the first weekend in August, which means it is H-O-T and time is running out! If summer were a roller coaster ride….we’re about to take the last big loop before pulling into September! So, now is the time to take your rosé up a notch! Freeze it and you have a pretty pink beverage…frosé!

Here’s a delicious recipe from Bon Appetit!
Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.27.52 PM 69c3fd62c54b18b647e35d830fe9e084

52ea77a5723ccf85e361f25cadc3c8a8 455593538d40a875e47d8942c01dc4a7 frose-frozen-rose-940x560Think of it as a grown up slurpee….just 10 x more glamorous!

Cheers to the weekend…make it pink and pretty!


images: bon appetite, style my pretty, w&p design, pizzazzerie, gotidbits