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Holiday Welcome

dec2011-p94-leftover-kimchristie_0My mom arrives today from Texas! And, of course, I want her to feel the holiday spirit the minute she arrives at our front door. Like most years, we have a wreath, garland, sleigh bells, festive window boxes and lit Christmas trees at our front entry.

I also love seeing how others adorn their doors for the holidays. Many of my neighbors have decorated their homes beautifully…some like simple decor, some go all out, some like white lights, others prefer colored. I think it’s one of the things that keeps a very dark month from getting depressing…Christmas lights!

But, whether you have lights on or not, the simplest decoration at your entry can create a happy holiday welcome. Here are a variety of styles that have been photographed over the years for House and Home magazine.450x450-nov2013-pg107-donnagriffith-house-and-home-entryway-holiday-urns-13102_exterior1sled-2_finals_0

450x625-nov2012-pg96-house-and-home-donnagriffith-overall-front4_003_final backyardangusxmas_07_hh_no07 cityliivng-nov2008-leftovers_0 frontentrance holiday-entrance_no10As you welcome friends and family into your home for the holidays, know that their welcome begins before you open the front door. Make it pretty!

Elizabeth-signaturephotography by: Kim Christie, Virginia MacDonald, Donna Griffith, Kim Jeffrey, Mark Burstyn