Paris Is always a good idea

Paris will be the hottest place to be this year! Get my list of favorite places!

  • Red Alert!

    Red Alert!

    Surprises. We all get them. Sometimes we are happy about them and sometimes we are not. And, sometimes we need a little time to realize that the… More

  • 24 ways to kick start 2024

    24 ways to kick start 2024

    We all get into ruts. So, learning what other people do to level up can be helpful. Here are 24 things that I am doing in this… More

  • Winter in Aspen

    Winter in Aspen

    From a winter ski trip to Aspen, Colorado a few years back. Though I don’t write a lot about travel, occasionally I make a trip worth sharing…. More

  • NYC Favorites

    NYC Favorites

    I used to live in NYC…on the Upper West Side. After a southern detour (to Charlotte, NC), I now live a 45 minute train ride outside of… More

  • Mad for Plaid

    Mad for Plaid

    There is a always a place for plaid at Christmas! And, I do love a good tartan. Over the years, I’ve tried to change things up, for… More

  • Tulips take a pause

    Tulips take a pause

    This is a story of a beginning, an ending and another beginning. The story began in the Spring of 2009. My house, above, was on the Rye House… More

  • Tulip Update & Winding Down

    Tulip Update & Winding Down

    Right on schedule…the tulips are blooming! It has been my Mother’s Day gift for the past 10+ years and they never fail to bloom! This year, I… More

  • Spring Pots

    Spring Pots

    We are on the cusp of blooming! My winter pots have just been cleared out and it’s time to start dreaming of how they will look this… More

  • Tulips in Bloom

    Tulips in Bloom

    We’re covered in snow and school is cancelled. Just another near-Spring day in the Northeast! March can often be the hardest month, because you’re thinking winter is… More