PPT x Bespoke Designs Stationery

A beautiful stationery collaboration between Pretty Pink Tulips and Bespoke Designs

  • Heavenly Hydrangeas

    Heavenly Hydrangeas

    Ask anyone who has hydrangeas. This year has been AMAZING! Last year, not so much. Like anything that isn’t a sure thing, when it happens it is… More

  • Summer in the Hamptons

    Summer in the Hamptons

    I’m just wrapping up a long weekend in the Hamptons.  It’s been a few years  since I’ve been there and though much stays the same, there were a… More

  • Summer Shade – Barbara Cobb Sunhats

    Summer Shade – Barbara Cobb Sunhats

    Summertime is synonymous with sunshine. Wanting to feel its warmth upon your skin. But, being careful not to get too much. So, staying stylish and smart is the… More

  • Summer Must Have – Cool Beach Towel

    Summer Must Have – Cool Beach Towel

    Bando, $38 One of my summer must haves is a great beach towel! My birthday is in the summer and one of the most frequent gifts I… More

  • The Art of Summer x Gray Malin

    The Art of Summer x Gray Malin

    Happy Summer! I know it’s not “exactly” summer yet, but let’s pretend that it is. The pools are open and lots of kids are already done with… More

  • When Life Hands You Summer, Make Lemonade

    When Life Hands You Summer, Make Lemonade

    Boy is it HOT out there. Not where I am, but where a lot of you are, according to Al Roker. Whew! I’ve been there. Growing up… More

  • Hi There Hydrangeas

    Hi There Hydrangeas

    Have you ever noticed that when you come home from a trip that your garden has made big changes? The kind you may not notice day to… More

  • Here Comes The Sun

    Here Comes The Sun

    It’s officially….summer! From sun up to sun down, you’ll have more sun today than any other, as it’s the Summer Solstice. I think the perfect place to… More

  • My Ideal Summer Day

    My Ideal Summer Day

    We may be down to the last week of summer, but thanks to my fairy blog-mother, Tina, of The Enchanted Home….I’ve been granted my perfect summer day! … More