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An Italian Holiday for the Entire Family

Happy Summer, all!!! Thank you for forgiving my extended absence, but I wanted to give my full attention to my family while we enjoyed one of our best trips ever. For those who weren’t following along on Instagram, we spent 10 days in Rome, Florence and Tuscany. And, I’m still digesting all of the history and art we saw, not to mention, the delicious food and wine!
In my upcoming posts, I’ll break down what we did and what worked well for traveling with children in Florence and then in Rome. Here are just some photos I took to give you a flavor of what we saw. Much more to come! Including some special activities that we did and who helped me plan all of this! Hint, hint….it’s a blogger with a passion for travel.

I feel so fortunate to have exposed my boys to this incredible culture and window into world history and art. They felt fortunate to discover the tiramisu and gelato!!!

What have you discovered this summer?