PPT x Bespoke Designs Stationery

A beautiful stationery collaboration between Pretty Pink Tulips and Bespoke Designs

  • La Fontelina

    La Fontelina

    This one is from the archives. A year ago…this was where I was. It still resonates with me. For me, travel isn’t just about where you go,… More

  • Memories of Ravello

    Memories of Ravello

    I have the ravishing Amalfi Coast town of Ravello on my mind. This time last year, I was preparing to travel there for my birthday. My uncle… More

  • Italian Pottery & Murano Glass

    Italian Pottery & Murano Glass

    I was haunted by the Italian pottery I didn’t buy when I was in Rome a few years back. So, this summer, I was intent on finding… More

  • Italy Part 4: Positano

    Italy Part 4: Positano

    As I’m sitting down to write this post, it occurs to me that this is less a post about Positano than a love letter to Le Sirenuse…. More

  • Italy Part 3: La Fontelina Beach Club

    Italy Part 3: La Fontelina Beach Club

    Come. Sit. And, let me tell you about THE beach club in Capri….La Fontelina. Originally founded in 1949 on a rocky spot, right by the Faraglioni rocks,… More

  • Italy Part 2: Capri

    Italy Part 2: Capri

    Ahhhh….Capri. I’ve been dreaming of visiting this island for many years and the rest of the itinerary was built around our time here. We took a private boat… More

  • Italy Part 1: Ravello

    Italy Part 1: Ravello

    Our recent trip to Italy took us to 3 towns along the Amalfi Coast (Ravello, Capri and Positano).  There is so much to share about each location,… More

  • Sneak Peek of Ravello

    Sneak Peek of Ravello

    Back to reality….we arrived home late last night from our Italian adventure. I want to gather my photos and thoughts into useful posts, which will include tips… More

  • An Italian Holiday for the Entire Family

    An Italian Holiday for the Entire Family

    Happy Summer, all!!! Thank you for forgiving my extended absence, but I wanted to give my full attention to my family while we enjoyed one of our… More