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Baby Blues

Oyez! Oyez! Of course we all now know that…’s a BOY! HRH is yet to be named, but I’m seeing blue everywhere! From decor….

 To accessories…

Even mum and dad gave a sartorial nod to their little chap.

So, in honor of the 3rd in line to the royal throne, here are a few choice picks for Baby Cambridge.

A classic book!

 A set of china created by Milly Green just for the occasion of his birth!

 The funniest onesie I’ve seen.

And, the quintessential baby gift in that special blue Tiffany & Co. box….after all he was born with a silver spoon and scepter in his mouth!

Long live the future King!
Have you been following his arrival as much as I have? If nothing else, it’s so nice to have something happy and positive to focus on in the news these days!
images: the lemony cupcake, tiffany, veranda, yahoo