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Summer Treat: Floral Popsicles

Did the heat break where you live? It finally stormed off last night, thank goodness. I grew up in Texas, as most of you know, so I should be able to handle this. But, even I need little tricks to keep things cool and comfy.
So, when I came across this beautiful popsicle recipe from 100 Layer Cake, I knew it was worth sharing!
These packaged violas from Terrain would be perfect to use in these popsicles or in ice cubes, on salads or for topping cupcakes! I picked up several packages the last time I was there and have been gifting them to friends for these very purposes.

How pretty are these floral popsicles? Wouldn’t they would make for a great little project with the kids? What a perfect treat for after camp or after work….simple summer goodness!

Stay cool!!