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Beauty Is All Around – Thoughts from Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

Today, it is my great honor to have Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, President and CEO of Hoffman Media, as my guest. Phyllis has created a media empire that celebrates women and the art of living well and has just started her own blog. You might recognize a few of the magazines in her media stable.

I’ve found countless inspiration inside the pages of many of her magazines and am thrilled to have connected with this trailblazer via digital media. Here are her thoughts on beauty and summer. Phyllis…take it away!!

Beauty is all around us. So many times we are looking for the sensational that we overlook the beauty in simple things. It is summer here in the South and the flowers and shrubs are in full bloom. One of our favorite things to do is to ride around side streets and winding roads with the windows down and breathe in the fragrance of the honeysuckle and sweet shrub. The fragrances are intoxicating.

The light is different in the summer. The sunsets turn a beautiful shrimp color that takes my breath away. Nature has created a beautiful background for us all. My roses are blooming and I am so happy. I planted the wonderful David Austin English Roses last fall making me feel like I live at Downton Abbey when they started blooming last week. The fragrances are wonderful.

This summer, go through your stuff–you know, the stash of vessels, vases, and jars and give them a new life. How many wonderful flower arrangements can you make using your stash? I like to keep flowers on our breakfast table. It is a small table for just Neal and me and I don’t have room for a large arrangement, but a simple blossom or a few small wildflowers brightens our table. Many times I pull out cream pitchers and group them with small roses.

When I am having my friends over, one of my favorite vases is a ceramic high-heel vase. I just fill it with roses and it is the topic of conversation. It’s a luncheon hit.

Be creative! It doesn’t take but just a little container and a few blossoms and you can create fantastic petite flower arrangements. It’s the simple things that give us so much pleasure. A single flower can change a room. I wrote an essay about that on my blog, The Ribbon In My Journal, because I believe bringing nature inside our homes changes the way we look at things. It makes us focus on the beauty in our lives.
Make someone’s day and make a flower arrangement. You will be surprised at the joy you get from cutting those stems and assembling them into your creation. 

Have a beautiful summer and enjoy the sunsets.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go through my stash this week and find some creative containers. Then, make sure I have flowers on my breakfast table! And, absolutely catch as many shrimp-colored sunsets as possible. Thank you, Phyllis!!

images: courtesy of Hoffman Media