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Dallas, Art & Connections

I just returned from Dallas last night…what a crazy, snowy weekend there! Only to fly back into New York during a snowstorm. So happy to be waking up at home today!

However, one of the benefits of being in Dallas over the weekend, was attending an art show at favorite shop, Blueprint, featuring 4 amazing artists!!

 artist, Stephanie Shank
 artist, Stephanie Shank
 artist, Eliza Thomas
 artist, Eliza Thomas

All of the art was exceptional, but I was really there to meet artist, Cathy Lancaster. Over 10 years ago, I bought one of her early works and it has continued to be one of my very favorite paintings. She lives in Memphis and though we had connected and stayed in contact over the years, we had never met. I knew that since she and I would both be in Dallas at the same time, that this was an opportunity that I could not miss.
Cathy Lancaster’s painting at my house

 I love her current works, which have a slightly lighter palette.

Cathy and me
Cathy Lancaster and her art

This seems like such a renaissance moment in our society. I find that I am drawn to art, to artists and other creatives. What a treat to meet someone who created art that lives in my home. There is a special connection there.

If any of these paintings speak to you, please contact Blueprint in Dallas and they can definitely help you out!

Here’s to all of of the creative souls out there. You make the world a better, more beautiful place!