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Friday Favorites

As we bid adieu to summer and this last day of August, I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite things. 
The tulip painting above, by Kerri Rosenthal, sits above my living room fire place. Just below it, my collection of favorite glassybaby votives (yes, all in varying hues of pink) and one random handblown votive purchased off the table at Alain Duccase, years ago in New York City. We were having a “last” supper with dear friends before we moved to Charlotte and these gorgeous candles were on all the tables. Each one different. It was a bit of a crazy splurge at the time, but one I’ve treasured over the years…and a reminder of a special night.
I do have a passion for things that add a little shine or shimmer, so this collection of vintage crystal candlesticks shares space with my favorite Diptyque candle…a gift from my friend, Ted Watson Kennedy, whose shop Watson Kennedy is my new go-to for special gifts.
What are some of your favorite things? Here’s to savoring them as we wind down summer.