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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

For centuries, the pineapple has been seen as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. 

Legend has it that New England sea captains, who had travelled to the Caribbean, would spear a pineapple on their fenceposts to signal their safe return. The pineapple was an invitation to their friends to come visit, share food and drink and listen to tales of their voyage.

How perfect then, to use this symbol as the focal point of a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” dinner for our new neighbors. I’d been saving the pineapple cocktail napkins from Lettermade for something fun and this was it! They served as a focal point on our outdoor bar. 

I kept the color palette simple by keeping the to the green, echoed in the fern plant, and the textured tray and chargers which mimic the rough exterior of the pineapple.
For the centerpiece, I filled a large dough bowl with 4 pineapples. Super simple. I thought of adding flowers, but that would have been too much. Just like dressing yourself…dressing your table is about what you put on and what you leave off. Sometimes less is more. As in impact. I wanted to emphasize the pineapples, so I let them carry the table.

Now, it’s time to welcome the weekend! What do you have planned?