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Irene Neuwirth – Debut Fragrance

Holy Snowstorm! We’re about to get hit again in the Northeast, so I’m dreaming of the ocean and warmer days. Since I can’t escape literally, I think I’ve found a way to escape figuratively. Irene Neuwirth has just debuted her signature fragrance, exclusively for Barneys. It was Barneys who first took a risk on the young jewelry designer, in 2003, when she dared to share her collection with them and within a year became their #1 jewelry line.

Why would Irene’s new fragrance transport me? Well, like with her jewelry, she views the ocean as her fundamental inspiration. It’s purity, power and colors are all key elements in her designs. And who wouldn’t love to be on the California coast on a day like today?!

Speaking with good friend, Busy Phillips, Irene explains how her fragrance is what her jewelry would smell like. Orange blossom, jasmine and a little salty, she says. You can hear her explain it in her own words here.

Whether you own a piece of her coveted jewelry or just aspire to….her fragrance is another way to experience what makes Irene Neuwirth such a creative force.

If Irene’s fragrance smells half as divine as her jewelry looks…we’re looking at a new cult classic!

See Irene at Barneys NYC on February 11th! 

images: courtesy of Irene Neuwirth