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Music to Charlotte Moss’ Ears

I really miss the Charlotte Moss Townhouse

It was unlike any other retail experience. Stunning before you even walked through the doors, you immediately felt like you were in Charlotte’s home. Or, at least, one of them.

From the pagoda door handles, to the library of vintage books to the garden out back, you FELT her touch on everything. I have kept the signature gray boxes emblazoned with the white pagoda. I keep special letters in one….out of season hats and gloves in the other.
Charlotte’s books and blog are true visual stimulation….but I was delighted to happen upon her personal playlist for Itunes. These are compilations she has used in show houses or for special events where music is key to ambiance. 
So, if you’d like to channel Charlotte Moss in your own home, here’s the link
Isn’t that music to your ears?!
images: House Beautiful, Charlotte Moss