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Let’s Celebrate Kate

Oh, to be 30 again! 
That was an amazing decade. I got engaged at the top of the Seven Pools in Maui, Hawaii. Married in Dallas.  Moved to San Francisco. Bought a beautiful brownstone in Presidio Heights. Decorated it. Tore my ACL skiing in Colorado – had my first (and hopefully last) surgery. Had to cancel a reservation at French Laundry (who does that?!) Sold the brownstone. Moved to New York City. Bought a high rise apartment next door to Julliard. Decorated the apartment. Would see Regis at the Reebok Sports Club across from my building. Walked across Central Park each day to work….2 doors down from Bergdorf Goodman. Explored all areas of the city. Got pregnant. Planned a nursery in the apartment. Husband was transferred to Charlotte, NC, so moved there 6 weeks before baby boy was born. Found new OB/GYN (she was the best one of all). Lived in a temporary, furnished apartment. Dishwasher was so loud we said it was “baling hay”. Bought red brick dream house. Went back to work. Decorated dream house. Spent a New Years Eve in St Barts, a birthday in Savannah, an anniversary in Cabo and finally back to Napa and that meal at French Laundry. Transitioned to stay at home mom. Had 2nd baby boy. Joined playgroups, a bookclub (did we ever really discuss the book?) and a dinner club (miss y’all!). Husband gets job opportunity back in NYC. Sell red brick dream house. We decide we’re heading straight to the suburbs. Find a sweet white house in the cutest neighborhood. Decorate house. Plant pink tulips outside. Made new friends. Thus ended the decade of activity!
I hear that Kate was going to ring in the year with an 80s themed karaoke party, but for some reason decided to keep things low key.
Something tells me the next 10 years of her life will be jam packed with all the best things life has to offer. No need to start off at a break neck speed.
Here’s to you, Kate! Can’t wait to see what you do before you’re 40!
Did you love or are you loving your 30s? Or if you haven’t made it there yet, are you nervous or do you realize it will be the time of your life?!
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