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Peek of Peonies

My favorite flower, along with tulips, is the peony. I love how they unfold like a rose, only with a larger bloom and none of those pesky thorns. I get more than a kick out of my peony bushes because they’ve been through a lot. Transplanted twice – once in the back yard and then a few years ago moved to the front and side, they have continued to bloom and flourish. I think they are floral warriors.

Based upon their proximity to sun, they bloom at different times, so that there is a steady flow of blooms.

So, every day or so, I’m out snipping a few and bringing them inside. They accent almost every room.

This is just a peek, as they haven’t reached their peak. Just gives me more to look forward to.

Hoping that things are blooming in your garden and that you have lots to look forward to this weekend!