PPT x Bespoke Designs Stationery

A beautiful stationery collaboration between Pretty Pink Tulips and Bespoke Designs

  • Tulips take a pause

    Tulips take a pause

    This is a story of a beginning, an ending and another beginning. The story began in the Spring of 2009. My house, above, was on the Rye House… More

  • The Pretty Pink Tulips

    The Pretty Pink Tulips

    I literally wait all year for this. The two to three weeks that my pink tulips are in bloom! As with most of the past 8 years,… More

  • Peek of Peonies

    Peek of Peonies

    My favorite flower, along with tulips, is the peony. I love how they unfold like a rose, only with a larger bloom and none of those pesky… More

  • My Secret Garden

    My Secret Garden

    Finally! I never dreamed I would find such joy in a simple fence, an arbor and some gates. After 8 years in our home and frustration with… More

  • Almost Autumn

    Almost Autumn

    It’s almost Autumn….and I couldn’t be more excited. Pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows abound at one of my favorite local garden centers in Greenwich!  I’m sure the scene… More

  • Tuesday Tulips – my house

    Tuesday Tulips – my house

    They came early this year. The tulips, that is. A different variety than the Menton I normally have planted each November. But, for one glorious week, everything… More