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Seattle Garden Party

Just back from Seattle and reflecting on an amazing few days. This was my inagural visit to Seattle, so my friends Jeanne, the insanely talented illustrator and blogger from I Dream of Jeanne and Dana, interior designer and hostess extraordinaire, hosted a Pretty Pink Luncheon for me.
They gathered an intimate group of their friends whom they knew I would enjoy meeting, ordered up a beautiful day and set a table straight out of magazine. We were welcomed with pink champagne and rosé, set out in vintage champagne buckets. 
Both my friends love blue and white, so that combined with pink became the afternoon’s color theme.
Dana & Jeanne
Knowing of my love of pink Veuve Clicquot, they had these delicious cookies made and then Jeanne hand-painted the accompanying tags with each person’s name as the place cards. In addition to being a complete “wow”, each person has a special keepsake of this day. I DO love a favor!
You know it’s a great party, when lunch turns into cocktails by the pool and you finally drag yourself away at dinnertime. This was such a magical day and I feel truly blessed to have made such special friends and to have created memories that will last a lifetime.
We’re pretty sure Seattle is fresh out of rosé, so if you’re looking for some this weekend….we’re really sorry!