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The Ultimate Crostini

Spring renews my desire to entertain. 

In the coming months, I’ll have friends and family visiting and need a quick, yummy appetizer to serve. The crostini is versatile and simple and I was inspired by the delectable ones dreamed up by Honestly Yum. With fresh, Spring ingredients available at farmers markets, it’s the perfect season to highlight seasonal produce and quality ingredients.

Slice up a baguette and grill or toast each slice. Slather with ricotta cheese for a solid base. Then, add your favorite 2 or 3 ingredients. 

Radishes + Maldon salt
Smoked salmon + dill
Hard boiled eggs + chives
Honey + lemon zest
Cucumbers + mint + dill
Apricot jam + crushed hazelnuts
Sautéed corn + basil

Almost substantial enough to become a mini meal….which makes them perfect for a Friday night. Especially with a crisp glass of white wine. 

What would be on your ultimate crostini?

images: Honestly Yum