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Celebrations – A Way to Remember

Some days are better than normal. They are occasions. 

Birthdays. Proposals. Weddings. New baby. First job. Going away. Scoring a big client. And, they are meant to be celebrated. Sometimes, a special bottle of wine or a vivacious bottle of bubbly are part of the celebration. 

Which leads me to a favorite new find. These champagne and wine cork keepers are the perfect way to save the cork to a sentimental bottle. At $12.50/each, it is the perfect price for a favor or to give along with a favorite bottle.

And, I knew it was a really great idea, when I saw my buddy, Ted Kennedy Watson, had selected them as one of his favorite finds at market this year. (Watson Kennedy has them in stock 1.800.991.9361). And, like Ted, mine will be keeping a Veuve Clicquot cork. 

Bottoms up! What special things are you celebrating this year?

images: glitter guide, gallery 1870, Ted Kennedy Watson