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When Life Hands You Lemons

Yesterday was one. of. those. days. When I awoke to rain, I thought the day might not go as planned, but it literally zigged when I wanted to zag. Lemons, if you know what I mean!
But, with age does come a little patience…and when one thing didn’t work, I tried another. And, when something fell through, I planned something else. And, yes….it turned into a lemonade type of day!
So, for anyone out there who feels they’ve been handed a bag of lemons, squeeze them in some water or mix them with some sugar and ice and drown those sorrows. Wash away the sour taste.

 And don’t forget to make it “pretty“!!

Have you had lemons or lemonade lately? Wishing you a SWEET weekend!!!

images: Redbook, etsy, pinterest