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Royal Baby Watch

This could be an exciting week in London! The Royal Baby Watch is on….bless Kate’s heart. She has conducted herself so elegantly through her pregnancy, I just hope that everything goes well with Baby Windsor and that she can get some rest.
One thing that she’s kept a secret is the decor of her nursery. How do you decorate for a future King or Queen? Here is what 2 British designers have imagined. Both have elegant wall murals and a rocking horse. Note the yellow helicopter in the 2nd photo, a nod to daddy’s day job.
Guy Goodfellow, Ltd
Christopher Chanond

And, here are a few nurseries that would make any baby feel like a prince or princess!
Even Queen Elizabeth, pictured with little sister, Princess Margaret, couldn’t resist a rocking horse. I think she’s pretty much the coolest great-grandmother around!

What’s your guess….will the baby arrive today? This week? Or will it make the world wait a little longer? 

Come on, baby Windsor….we can’t wait to meet you!

images: Hello magazine, Houzz