Merry Christmas, Y’all

img_0910Merry Christmas!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s finally here. I’m sure we could all use a few more days to organize, shop, wrap, cook and get ready, but at this point, I encourage you to stop where you are and…..enjoy! If the gift or card is late…just make it a Happy New Year’s message. If you didn’t get it wrapped…consider putting it aside and saving it for Christmas 2017.

None of us gets it perfect….regardless of what you see on Instagram. I tried on two outfits tonight and neither fit. Oh well….thank goodness for the fit/flare skirt. I’ll deal with my widening hips in January. By being kind to yourself, you will be kind to those around you.

Here’s a peek at what’s happening around our house….I’m off to the city today with my mom to see the sights and take in the holiday spirit!img_0915 img_0918
img_0933 img_0943img_0917Merry Christmas, Y’all!!! ( If you love this wrapping paper as much as I do….plan on ordering it next year from All She Wrote Notes!)


5 Ways to Add Glamour to Your Holiday Gifts

brown-gold-and-white-holler-dollar-christmas-wrap-3We’re nearing mid December, so no pressure….but, it’s time to get wrapping! Even if you’re still searching for the perfect gift, here are 5 ideas on how to dress it up and add some glamour to your wrapping. As my mother always said…the wrapping IS part of the gift!

  1. Add sparkle – nothing says “celebrate” like a little glitter
  2. Top your gift with candy – if you have some extra candy canes in the kitchen, slide one under the bow
  3. Tie on an ornament, jingle bells or the first letter of the recipient’s name
  4. Add a spring of greens, berries or pinecones
  5. Layer your ribbons, so that your gift has textural interest and depth

holiday-wrap-tags-02-web-banner_1aed3b3c-cb16-4a68-a686-10b491b66079_1024x1024the-everygirl-how-to-make-your-presents-look-glamorous-wrapping-4screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-10-50-04-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-8-57-03-amdynamic_resizeUsing little bits you probably already have, you’ll have things wrapped up before you know it!


images: Love Create Celebrate, The Every  Girl, Style at Home, Sugar Paper, Waiting on Martha

3 Quick Holiday Treats to Make

38With never ending lists this month, I love a good short cut wherever I can find it. Especially in the kitchen! I love these 3 quick and easy ideas for stand out holiday treats – perfect for when friends or family are coming over. The ladies at Camille Styles show 3 ways to dress up a store bought cake. Above is their take by adding holiday cookies – which I think has great impact.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-21-16-pmIf you favor colored lights at your house, how fun and festive would these light garland cookies be?! Especially perfect for a tree trimming party! Details here!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-28-03-pmFinally, how adorable are these strawberry Santas?! Literally, they are just sliced strawberries with vanilla frosting. You could even use little sprinkles for the eyes. EASY and a great way to work some fruit into your kids tummies.

I’m off on some Christmas adventures with my youngest son this weekend, so wishing you joyful times with those you love.