Summer Style Stationery

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Among my summer to-dos: order more stationery. That’s actually a good sign to me, as it means I’ve written a lot of notes. And, while I love to use my monogrammed notecards, I also like to have a variety of stationery, just to keep things interesting for me and whoever is on the receiving end.

This new summer collaboration goes to the top of my list. The Maryn (former Domino editor, Michelle Adams) x Caitlin McGauley (NYC based illustrator and artist) for Dempsey & Carroll. The blue and white striped boatneck makes me think of Nantucket and would make an especially cute gift if you are lucky enough to snag a summer invitation with friends. Or the perfect note to accompany your hostess gift.Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.16.50 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.16.59 PMstationary_heroSummer is the perfect time to jot off a quick note and having stationery you are excited to use makes it so much easier! So get started….”write” away!


Friday Flowers – Peony on Paper

Here’s the first blush of Spring in the form of Dempsey & Carroll’s newest offering. And, based on the monster storm that is cruising across the country, I think we could all use a little harbinger of Spring!
Notecards, notepads (love the price), desk calendar (love the croc)…available mid March. 
And some fun links for your weekend:
Homemade sprinkles make for a fun activity and custom cupcakes!
This fashionista blogger celebrates her wedding shower at one of my fav lunch spots in Dallas!
Designer Jan Showers has her showroom sale Feb 25- Mar 1!

Want to get more things done? Check out this series for inspiration!

Wishing you beautiful blooms for the weekend!

Love Thyself

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Cupids day. 
Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who will have rose petals laid out on your bed in the shape of a heart….but for the rest of us, I say “love thyself!”.  Never wait on someone else to treat you to the things you want and desire. That goes for an experience you want to have, a trip you want to take or a bottle of perfume or piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing. 
Lucille Ball said it well, “Love yourself first and the rest will fall into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
In case you are wanting to spoil yourself a little, here are some fun ❤ day related items that won’t break the bank!

Or…treat yourself to some simple pleasures. A candle lit bubble bath. A heart pumping workout that you’ve been afraid to try. Whatever you do….love and treat yourself special today, tomorrow and every day!