Summer Entertaining with Bronson van Wyck

one_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_BRONSON WITH TRAYWho better to show us simple, yet stunning summer entertaining tips than celebrity party planner, Bronson van Wyck?! Bronson has dreamed up events for Chanel, Feragamo and The White House, sharing his family’s Southern recipes and impressing party guests around the world.

Summer just begs for outdoor entertaining, so Bronson suggests creating a cozy seating area outside and setting up a self serve bar. He says to invest in large beverage dispensers, as they’re less expensive than a bartender!

Bronson keeps things simple with a select number of drink offerings, but jazzes them up with customized stir sticks and cucumbers sliced vertically, so they can double as drink stirs.one_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_LEMONS LIMES one_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_DRINK DISPENSERSBronson has used his years of mixing exciting libations to create and curate his own line of mixers under the name, Arrowhead Farms. Ginger Margarita, anyone?!one_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_GINGERone_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_BRONSON PICKING FLOWERSone_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_JAR AND STIRSone_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_SEATING AREA one_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_HAND AND LEMONSScreen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.30.27 PM one_kings_lane_bronson van wyck_FINISHED COCKTAILSo, with summer in it’s final weeks, take advantage of the warm nights and set up a self serve drinks station and invite your friends!

You’ll even enjoy the party, as your guests will mix up their own drinks!


Easter Table Inspiration

IMG_5595Easter is early this year (March 27th), so I’m already thinking about how I’m going to set our table. Just like last year, my pink and white Raynaud in the Transat pattern will be front and center, as will a collection of bunnies. Soft, pastel flowers feel right for this holiday, so the palette will be more like a watercolor than an acrylic painting.IMG_5553 IMG_5597And, chocolate bunnies and candy colored eggs will be plentiful! What more do you need?!


Fall Dinner Party – Centerpieces

DSC_0003A couple of years back, we hosted a Fall dinner party and because my dining room seats only 10 comfortably….I ended up setting up a tent over my patio, so I could seat over 30 people. That led to adding heat, hanging light fixtures and a walk up bar, with a signature drink. I don’t know if that happens to you, but once I decide to host something, one thing tends to lead to another.

I don’t think I shared these photos before because I missed so many elements of the party, but in looking back, I think the centerpieces are worth sharing. I adore the little white pumpkins, so that was my jumping off point. A cabernet colored orchid and white and green hydrangeas channeled “Fall” without incorporating the expected orange hues. I took my own containers to Greenwich-based McArdles where they did a beautiful job with the arrangements.DSC_0004I used the burlap tablecloths to anchor my look and you can see the purple mums in the corner. Mercury glass votives and candlesticks brought in some light and reflection, so that the look did not get too heavy.DSC_0005I love using footed containers to give centerpieces some height along a long table. A variation on a theme.DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0009 DSC_0010It was one of those nights that was so much fun, I didn’t touch my camera all night long. Though I wish I had the photos, I cherish the memory of friends gathered together for no other reason than….we could. In this season of Thanksgiving, there is no better reason to invite people into your home. Because you can.

Thanks and Giving….they truly go together, don’t they?!