Fall Entertaining

An intimate dinner party this weekend was an opportunity to test drive some Thanksgiving ideas. I always pull out my Spode Woodland this time of year, as the color and style reflect what’s happening outside our windows. I love that it is gracious without being stuffy. I also love pulling out my antler steak knives….my husband makes an amazing tenderloin!

For the flowers, I was drawn to the texture and colors of the kale, artichokes, orchids, berries and roses. I worked with a local florist to pull my choices together and have them delivered the day before the dinner. That way, I can have all the table elements out of the way before I focus on the cooking.img_0693 img_0704 img_0706 img_0699 img_0700 img_0703 img_0705I may not repeat this exactly for Thanksgiving….but I feel a little more prepared.

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving table?


New Month, New Start

160829_goop_0584-1Continuing with the idea of September being a new start for many (new school year, renewed focus, jumpstart the coming year), I thought it would be fun to share some simple, yet clever ideas to make the most of this month.

  1. Jazz up your morning breakfast with these healthy “breakfast bowl” ideas – get recipes here

enhanced-13864-1463508892-5bn-ps027_journa_j_201609061125362. Have you heard of “bullet journaling”? My husband turned me onto this relatively new method of planning/organizing/journaling after seeing an article in the WSJ. And, I must admit to being intrigued. I have gone back and forth between paper and digital and have a few tools I try to use each day, so this simplified version is something I am considering. You can learn more about it here!le-catch-luncheon-1-1024x6833. Plan a Fall gathering before the crush of the holidays is upon us. Take inspiration from this gorgeous, outdoor fete created by designer,  Jenni Kayne, Le Catch and Jessica De Ruiter. Recipes and addtional photos here!

Just as students are beginning a new year and learning new things….perhaps we can, too!


images: goop, bullet journal, rip + tan (photography by katrina dickson)

Fall Dinner Party – Centerpieces

DSC_0003A couple of years back, we hosted a Fall dinner party and because my dining room seats only 10 comfortably….I ended up setting up a tent over my patio, so I could seat over 30 people. That led to adding heat, hanging light fixtures and a walk up bar, with a signature drink. I don’t know if that happens to you, but once I decide to host something, one thing tends to lead to another.

I don’t think I shared these photos before because I missed so many elements of the party, but in looking back, I think the centerpieces are worth sharing. I adore the little white pumpkins, so that was my jumping off point. A cabernet colored orchid and white and green hydrangeas channeled “Fall” without incorporating the expected orange hues. I took my own containers to Greenwich-based McArdles where they did a beautiful job with the arrangements.DSC_0004I used the burlap tablecloths to anchor my look and you can see the purple mums in the corner. Mercury glass votives and candlesticks brought in some light and reflection, so that the look did not get too heavy.DSC_0005I love using footed containers to give centerpieces some height along a long table. A variation on a theme.DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0009 DSC_0010It was one of those nights that was so much fun, I didn’t touch my camera all night long. Though I wish I had the photos, I cherish the memory of friends gathered together for no other reason than….we could. In this season of Thanksgiving, there is no better reason to invite people into your home. Because you can.

Thanks and Giving….they truly go together, don’t they?!