One Word Resolution – Write On

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-20-20-pmIt’s that time again. To make a resolution, create a mantra, decide on a focus, set an intention. No matter how you phrase it, I always look to the beginning of a new year to determine my direction and goals. The past 2 years, I have found the handpainted, “one word” by Jenn Gietzen for Waiting on Martha not only a happy start to my year, but a visual reminder of where I want to go. Available now for a short time, you can chose your style, your color (including metallic) and add your initials and the year. Order via linkscreen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-20-29-pm screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-20-45-pm

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-20-37-pm screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-21-12-pm screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-21-24-pm screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-21-42-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-20-51-pm screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-21-49-pm

Listen and Flow were the words I chose for the past 2 years. I have kept them on the bulletin board above my desk and seeing them every day was a great way to keep my boat steered in the right direction.

This year, I am doing something a little different. I’m going multi colored and larger. My word is Celebrate. From the little things to the big, this is a year where I want to focus on celebrating….everything.

What is your word for 2017?


Weekend Wrap Up

2016-05-10_0017Waiting on Martha, One Room Challenge

May is in full swing! It has been a very busy, fun week and today I’m heading up to the Hudson Valley to see my friend, Ted Kennedy Watson, at his East Coast home and will be swinging through Trade Secrets, the Bunny Williams created garden show in northern Connecticut. Decor is front and center with the recent finale of the One Room Challenge, a 6 week interior design challenge, featuring 20 bloggers, hosted by Linda of Calling Home. The reveals have been nothing short of spectacular, so I encourage you to visit each of the participants to see how they took one room and transformed it!

I’m always impressed with Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Marthaas her style is always clean but cool, stylish without ever being stuffy….fun with a flourish!

orc graphic orcPaige Minear, of The Pink Clutch,  made such a incredible transition of her wood paneled living room that I’m still trying to take in all the impact. If you love color…this room is for you! Leopard + loads of color = fabulous!sueMy friend, Sue, of The Zhush, did the most amazing laundry room makeover! I love my laundry room, but Sue took it up a notch!! That wallpaper!!

Kips Bay just opened, so plan your visit now!

Join me at Nest Inspired Home next Friday, May 20th from 1-5pm to meet Seattle artist, Jeanne McKay Hartmann! 

Before you know it, we’ll be prepping for Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial kickoff to summer. Make the most of May…it’s almost half way over.


What’s Your Word? Write It Down!

Blog-TT-Words2016-1For the past few years, I have eschewed making a list of new year’s resolutions. Instead, I have opted to select one word – yes, just one word – to serve as my focus, my guide, my intention for that year. One year it was LIGHT, last year it was LISTEN. This year, I have selected a word based upon where I am now and how I hope to go through this year.

Lots of things are “up in the air” in my life right now…there is lots of uncertainty and most of it is out of my control. I feel a bit like a raft in the middle of the ocean…at the mercy of the currents and conditions that I can’t predict or control. Blog-TT-Words2016 So, that has influenced my word for the year. I have chosen FLOW.

I am determined to go with the flow and not swim against the current.

I want to find my creative flow.

I want to deepen my yoga practice…where it’s important to flow.Blog-TT-Words2016-5 Once again I am having my word painted by Jenn Gietzen of Write On! Design, available through Waiting on Martha. Last year, I had Jenn paint my word in black calligraphy. This year, I’m going with hot pink lettering! She can also do metallic and will customize it with your initials and the year. I have looked at my “word” every day this year and will put it aside once FLOW arrives.

What would your one word be? Make it so!