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One Word Resolution – Put It In Writing

Last year, I made a One Word Resolution (last year’s word). A word that had multiple meanings for me and that I was able to come back to throughout the year when I needed direction. This year, I keep coming back to the word, “Listen”. I’m not sure why, but since I can’t shake it, I’m going to embrace it.

For me, “Listen” means:

~ listening more to others. Talk less (that won’t come naturally) and let others talk. I think it’s important that people feel heard. I also know that we often learn more when we listen.
~ listening to my intuition. I’ve always had gut instincts and I’ve found that if I tune in and follow where they are leading me, things go pretty well. When I ignore those instincts….I usually regret it.
~ listening to my surroundings. I think that when we slow down and take in the sounds around us…wind blowing, birds chirping, children laughing that we feel more joy.
~ listening to my body. Should I be moving more. Resting more. Eating more (that will never be the case!). Eating less (probably).

It’s one thing to make an intention of a word, but when you write it down it has power. That’s why I love the new handwritten collaboration between Waiting on Martha & Jenn Gietzen of Write On Design. 

Select a word that will represent you in 2015 and Jenn will write it for you, along with the year and your initials. 

This offer is exclusive and only good until January 31st….so get your word on!

Instead of the pressure of a resolution or the gravitas of a goal, I truly found a word as a guiding light, something I could keep coming back to.

What would your word be?