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Eddie Ross Modern Mix Luncheon

A few years back, I had the pleasure of hosting a book signing and luncheon for the launch of Modern Mix, by my friends, Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar.

Knowing how hard they had worked on this spectacular book about “curating personal style with chic and accessible finds”, I wanted to deliver an amazing day for them. We decided that we would create a package that included the book, a lecture by Eddie and the luncheon. This enabled us to have the book at every place setting which added to the color in the room. J McLaughlin generously provided totes (this was before their recent rebranding) and gift cards for each attendee, further contributing to the decor. Outdoors Contained created charming centerpieces with tag sale china tea cups, teapots, decanters and other unexpected containers.

There is something so fulfilling when you can bring people together and create a memorable and unique experience.

This was one of those kind of days…just magical.

Modern Mix has a really long shelf life. It is just as inspiring and relevant today as the day we hosted this party. So, if you have the opportunity to hear Eddie and get him to autograph this book…don’t hesitate!